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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Let's All Believe Clinton, This Time

Bill Clinton's upset about what former FBI director Louis Freeh is saying: that Clinton went easy on the Saudis over the Khobar Towers bombing in return for a contribution to his presidential library fund.

Clinton still owes Freeh, big-time, for deflecting public wrath and for his splendid planning, execution, and coverup of the mass murders at Waco. (Hillary, too, should be in his debt, for providing the dirt on her 900 favorite political enemies and thus keeping her in position to move to the Senate.)

This little dust-up over the Saudi - Clinton library contribution is ridiculous.

First, nobody should believe Clinton about anything, as he has never told the truth, even when it didn't matter if he did.

Second, any observer would know that such a quid pro quo is totally in the nature of politics in general and the Clintons in particular.

Third, finding more people who can swear to the ex-president's probity is no big deal. I remember when he paraded his whole cabinet out, like a jury being polled, and had them say they all believed him on Lewinsky. Of course, even after Clinton was proven to have lied, none of those cabinet members' judgment was questioned. [If, for instance, Madeline Albright, who dealt with the Pres daily, couldn't tell when he was lying, how could she possibly have understood the affairs of State? How good would her judgment have been, dealing with people whom she barely knew, and on whose statements she had little background?]

Fourth, Berger is a documented crook, who would do/say anything to stay in Clinton's good graces. (He probably remembers what happened to James MacDougal and Vince Foster, among others.)

Unfortunately, the media will believe Clinton, and keep scrubbing the poop off his carcass. He's just such a lovable lug, you know...


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